Photo Competition 2018 and Calendar 2019
27 September 2018
  2017 Finance Statement
6th March 2018
  2018 AGM Notice and Committee Nominations
20th March 2018
  2016 Financial Statement
16th March 2017


  CEO and National President Visit Forum
17th January 2019

  Geological Visit: Hexagonal Rock Columns at High Island East Dam
12th January 2019

  A Legend of the Desert - Maintaining the Makkah Metro
10th January 2019

  How is the Gold Mineral Formed
13th December 2018




10th Anniversary Photo Competition

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  Sept - Oct 2011
Technical Talk - Methodology for Setting Blast Vibration Limits

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  16th August 2011
Technical Talk - Waterman Real Time Beach Water Quality

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  26th July 2011
Technical Talk - Biodiesel Recycle Locally, Use Loally

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  8th July 2011
Technical Talk - Does the Nuclear Power Industry Have a Future

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  8th June 2011


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