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Benefits of Membership

Australia's largest and most diverse engineering association, Engineers Australia enhances the influence and professional standing of engineers within the community. Engineers Australia helps its 80,000 members achieve their personal and professional goals by providing benefits, facilities and services designed to meet their needs at each stage of their career.
There are many benefits of Engineers Australia membership - you can learn about some of these benefits below.

Member Benefit Offers
Members of Engineers Australia have access to a range of offers from cheaper credit card and insurance rates to investment advice and home loan deals!
Find out what offers are available and how to apply today .

Publications and Resources
Engineers Australia is an industry journal distributed monthly to members. The journal provides the latest in engineering news, industry developments, employment opportunities and more. Other publications include E-news (a weekly electronic newsletter), Division newsletters (specific to your state/territory), Student News (for student members), policy publications, and an extensive range of library resources.

International Recognition
Engineers Australia has entered into mutual recognition agreements with other professional engineering membership organisations overseas. These agreements promote, facilitate and extend links between Engineers Australia and the kindred organisations, to the benefit of both parties. Engineers Australia also operates chapters in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia to support members who have moved to these countries.
Discover more about international activities and recognition.

Media Release - Australia and Hong Kong mutual recognition agreement on engineering qualifications

Mutual Recognition of Qualified Engineers by the Jurisdictions of Australia and Hong Kong China to Facilitate Mobility

One of the key activities of Engineers Australia is to elevate the image of the engineering profession by influencing Federal, State and Territory government actions and putting forward members views to the wider community (including commerce, industry, and educational institutions) on engineering and technology issues.
The International and National Policy Directorate researches and develops position papers and prepares responses and submissions to government policies and proposals by drawing on the intellectual capital of the membership of Engineers Australia. Members have the opportunity to input into the policy work of the organisation and to see their contribution replicated in policy activities and in turn within government conduct.

Recent publications prepared and directed by member input include: Global Reach: supporting the professional mobility of Australian engineers, Water and Australian Cities: review of urban water reform, and Australia!|s Energy Future: Australian energy policy and climate change.
Discover more about Representation.

Careers Services

Careers services and resources offered by Engineers Australia are designed to aid and support your efforts in establishing a career in engineering. Members can access the careers centre via phone and email for help and advice on career related issues such as career development, preparation of resumes and cover letters, assistance with preparing for vacation work, interviews, performance reviews and salary negotiation. Access is also provide to the National Engineering Employment Database (NEED) and the engineer.career website. Discover more about Careers Services.

Professional Development and Training

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is designed to help members develop their practice competencies and achieve Chartered membership of Engineers Australia, and to help employers enhance their professional workforce and their human-resource management.

Throughout the PDP, support is offered to participants and the enterprise through workshops, continuous assessment, mentoring, feedback and counseling. Engineers Australia's assessors do a thorough job in vetting and providing feedback to participants. At the end of the program, the professional interview provides the opportunity for chartered status aspirants to present their competence to practise independently to an experienced panel of discerning engineers.
Engineers Australia caters for all companies who employ engineers, irrespective of the size of their engineering workforce. In 2003, 80 companies had signed an enterprise partnership agreement to provide the PDP to their employees. As at 2007, Engineers Australia has signed more than 250 enterprise partnership agreements, comprising 4,500 graduates now participating in the PDP. The participating organisations are often viewed as preferred employers by young engineers. Discover more about the Professional Development Program.

Library Services

Engineers Australia offers access to the best engineering databases in the world including ENGINE, Engineers Australia Conference Proceedings online (full-text), Transactions and Industry Journals (full-text), Compendex, Australian Technical Bibliographic Databases, ENGnetBASE (full-text). The Library also offers the following services to members:

  • Full-text document access !V these can be ordered for a small fee. Alternatively members can subscribe to e-Pubs providing free access to three full-text databases.
  • Inquiry service !V we can answer a wide range of inquiries (eg. for bibliographic and statistical information).
  • Inter-library loans !V we can arrange a loan of a book from any library in Australia.

    Discover more about Library Services.

Chartered Status

The title of Chartered Status is exclusive to Engineers Australia. A member who attains this professional credential is recognised as having the highest standard of professionalism, up-to-date expertise, practices with quality and safety and can undertake independent practice and exercise leadership within the Engineering Team. Chartered Status is recognised by government, business and the general public on a worldwide basis. Discover more about Chartered Status.

Continuing Professional Development
CPD is essential to maintaining up-to-date technical skills, development of leadership and management competencies and knowledge of processes, technology and legislation. CPD is required to attain and maintain Chartered Status (link this to the Chartered Status section) Engineers Australia offers an array of CPD opportunities via conferences, seminars & events organised by its Divisions and Learned Groups, its Library and Publication services, and by other mechanisms such as the website/internet and video streaming etc.
Discover more about Continuing Professional Development.

Learned Groups

Engineers Australia aims to promote and advance the science and practice of engineering and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas. This is a key focus of Engineers Australia's Learned Groups. The Learned Groups of the Institution include eight Colleges covering the key disciplines of Engineering (Biomedical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Environmental, IT & Electronic, Mechanical, Structural), supported by numerous National Committees and Panels, Division Branches and Technical Societies covering more specific areas within the main engineering disciplines. Discover more about Learned Groups.


Join Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional development of our members (learn more about the role and activities of Engineers Australia).
The following information is for persons seeking membership of Engineers Australia. As there are several paths to membership, please select one of the links below:


Membership Forms

Please download the appropriate form from the list below. If you are unable to find the form or information you are looking for, please contact Member Services.

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To upgrade (e.g. from Graduate to Member) or transfer from one occupational category to another (articulation), download and complete the application form for the grade and category for which you would like to apply. You can also:


Please download the application form from the Join Engineers Australia section above for the grade of membership you held prior to your membership lapsing. If you previously held Chartered Status, you may need to re-admit.

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