2024 AGM 28th March HK Aviation Club
28th March 2024
  2023 AGM
29 March 2023
  EAHK 20th Anniversary
14th Dec 2022
  2022 Photo Competition
Entries close 30th October 2022


  AGM and Talk “From Engineer to Society Promoter” 28th March HK Aviation Club
28th March

  EAHK Site visit to Xiqu Centre
13 May 2023

  IET Management Symposium 2023:Digital Management in the Post-Pandemic Era
19 May 2023

  Landfill Design Leveraging Digital Engineering Workflows
12 April 2023




Notice is hereby given that
the Annual General Meeting of Engineers Australia, Hong Kong Chapter,
will be held at
Hong Kong Aviation Club, 31 Sung Wong Toi Road, Ma Tau Chung, Kowloon,
at 6:30 (for 7:00) p.m. on Wednesday, 29 March 2023.



1. To approve the minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 22 June 2022

2. To receive and consider the President's Report for 2022-2023

3. To receive and consider the Audited Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2022

4. To appoint the Hon Auditor for 2023-2024

5. To appoint the Hon Legal Advisor for 2023-2024

6. To resolve the members' subscription for 2023-2024

7. Any other business


technical talk will be delivered shortly after the AGM. Details are as follows:

Topic : Breaking the Mold: Engineering and Construction in the Digital Age

Speaker : Francesco Tizzani

To register, please visit 


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